CMO Summit | May 17, 2016 | New York, NY, USA



Why You Need an “Always On Customer Brain” for Magnificent Customer Experience

Thought Leadership - 10:35 am - 11:05 am

Truly knowing your customer means more than just collecting data. You must apply that data to be insightful, relevant, and anticipatory. But how do you do these things at scale with millions of customers and a multitude of channels? Today, technology exists to address these challenges at scale. If assembled correctly, you can create a customer “brain” that makes decisions 24x7 to improve experience, predict needs, and ensure your business thrives. As with most technology investments, you have hundreds of options. After this session, you will understand the critical aspects of creating a Customer Decision Hub, which can make customer experience choices in real-time, and why it’s critical that all of your touchpoints work in unison.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand why managing customer interactions in real-time is now essential. 
  • Discover how a Customer Decision Hub can drive higher customer engagement. 
  • Learn the keys to successfully implementing an “always on customer brain”.

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