CMO Summit | May 17, 2016 | New York, NY, USA



1/2 part Marketing Magic, 1/2 part Math...The Content Marketing recipe for Global Brands

Think Tank - 4:40 pm - 5:10 pm

In a World full of Marketing noise, brands have to use new communication recipes to break the clutter blend in the busy lives of consumers and get enough attention to produce meaningful consumer action (Purchase & Loyalty) 

It is exceedingly clear that the old interaption model of 4 –2 – 4 (produce 4 pieces of content a year, 2 million dollars budget, 4 months to build each) is simply not working… We need a lot more, we need it faster and in a much more cost effective way. However creating content for the sake of content is actually hurting our pockets rather than helping them … We need structure, we need analytics, we need clarity… 

Mountain Dew, one of PepsiCo’s 22 Billion Dollar brands has tapped into a unique Global Content Strategy to help navigate this complexity. By combining Marketing Magic with Data Analysis and Optimization Frameworks we are building the link between Consumers, Content, Marketing and Results. 

And in the process we manage to connect with consumers across the world, fuel they passion on action sports, gaming & lifestyle art in a scaled way that’s truly authentic to the brand, and produces tangible results

Presented by:

Manos Spanos, Senior Director, Global Brand Marketing, Pepsico View details